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When Did the Texan Navy Lasso Cozumel?

Maybe you can’t blame a Lone Star Navy for trying. See after the Alamo, the Texans had better luck in their skirmishes with Santa Anna, stealing Texas out from under Mexico’s nose. The next year, the Texans kept hollering about Mexican shipping blockades. So in 1837, the Texas Navy steamed down the coast. Captain Johnny […]

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A Chilean Christmas

What does December bring to mind? Snow drifts? Elves? Menorahs? Holiday lights? Most likely winter. Could summer arrive in December? As someone who grew up at 45ºN latitude, the question seems absurd. Although, later in Texas I experienced Decembers that were not very cold, they were still called winter. In Arizona and New Mexico, people […]

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Where are you from? Part II

Immigration IQ, Part II Thanks for your responses! What does a US citizen look like? Funny how the people who read my blog could surmise that the answers were not easy to guess. Although race, age and gender don’t reveal who is an immigrant, in our daily interactions sometimes we believe we can guess where […]

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