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Reader Poll: Mexico

I’m interested in your opinions and experiences. Mexico has rich cultures, foods and music; which do you like? Let’s talk. Do you like Mexican food? Which is your favorite dish? My answer: Yes, I do. I love chicken mole, chicken with a rich chocolate, tomato and nut sauce. I like tamales a lot. A tamal […]

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What’s your ideal destination?

If your fairy godmother asked you what trip you’d like to take, what would you say? I’d like to sail from Florida (or Mexico) to Cuba. I’d go with my extended family; Grandparents, sister and family, and my little family, with Grandpa as captain or first mate. The movies I’ve seen of Habana and Cuba […]

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5 Travel Bloggers I Especially Like

As of a year ago, my full experience with online writing was – I had read one neighbor’s, one cousin’s and one friend’s blog. Now, in the past nine months, I’ve read hundreds. This year, part of the fun of writing a blog is I’m also reading work online by people who live across the […]

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Where in the World?

Where would you like to travel? Let’s pretend for a moment that the cost, the time off, and the organizing would take care of themselves… Where would you like to go? What would be the location that would be the biggest stretch for you? I’d like to visit more of Latin America. I speak Spanish. […]

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