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Throwback Thursday: La Crosse

Grandad Bluff is the spot I remember best from our sisters and family trip around 2015. We met in La Crosse; my sister, her husband and kids drove south from Minneapolis and we drove west from Madison. This was our first trip with just our two families. The time went so fast. I enjoyed hiking […]

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Tree Square or Dance Craze?

Oak Tree was a hit song from the 1980’s complete with an arms above the head dance move. The band was called The Time. For Prince’s movie Purple Rain, he put together the band to act as his nemesis in the story. Morris Day was the lead singer. Or, I should say is the lead […]

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Slowly Hiking a Flower Filled Forest

The cool of the woods with the beauty of the prairie. That is Governor Nelson State Park. Feels like a whole day’s outing, when it’s twenty minutes away from our house. The taller flowers that are about to bloom are called Joe Pye Weed or Eutrochium purpureum. The yellow ones are sunflowers Helianthus montanus, as […]

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