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Happy Covid Thanksgiving to You

Yesterday I picked up an audio book from the library. As I received the plastic bag with Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I said to the librarian, “Have a good holiday!” He looked at me askance and said, “Yeah, right.” As he walked away, I snorted in laughter quietly to myself. That exchange was a […]

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Haiku Election Prayer

Love of Democracy Here we are at home waiting for good news to air world holding its breath –Rebecca Cuningham 3 November 2020 Regular posts will resume when we know who our 2021 US President will be… Next: Tanka poetry challenge… olé! –Rebecca

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The United States is Under Construction

Our nation is under constructionrebuilding liberty’sinfrastructureplanning thearchitectureof equalityRighting pillars ofjustice for allIt’ll be beautifulonce our foundation’s level—Rebecca Cuningham 2020This post inspired by Six Word Saturday hosted by Travel with Intent; offering beautiful photos seven days a week. #6WS  #Photography #stopracism

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5 Wise Quotes from a Great Leader

Every January in the United States, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I admire how Dr. King stood up for civil rights with his words, his actions and his life. His quotes continue to be relevant to social struggles in the United States and around the globe. Non-violent protests across Latin […]

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