What Mexican Song Do You Know Best?

For the majority of English speakers, I'm guessing the answer may be: Para bailar la Bamba, para bailar la Bamba se necesita un poco de gracia. In order to dance the Bamba...one needs a bit of grace. Ricardo Valenzuela (Ritchie Valens) brought La Bamba into the rock and roll scene of the 1950s. Then Los … Continue reading What Mexican Song Do You Know Best?

Where are the Afro-Mexicans?

A Celebration for Black History Month, Part 1 When we think of the African diaspora in Latin America; Cuba, Puerto Rico or Panama might come to mind first. However, this largely unrecognized heritage is an important third root of the mestizo population in Mexico combining; Europeans, Indigenous people and Africans. The long-held notion that La … Continue reading Where are the Afro-Mexicans?