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Autumn Promenade Part 1

Ever feel like you’re under quarantine, stuck indoors? I’ve had that distinct feeling recently. When I do get out, I take lots of photos to remind me of what the world looks like. There is so much beauty in nature. Happy to see you here at Fake Flamenco. Let’s walk again on Thursday.  ¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Nature, photography

Why Do They Call it Fall?

In the United States, we have an odd habit (well, at least one). In late September we start talking about Fall. That’s our descriptive word for the change of seasons. For us, the word Autumn is considered stuffy, overly formal, or poetic. Meanwhile in Britain, Autumn is the preferred word for the third season of […]

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Afternoon Wellness Class in Westmoreland Park

Wednesday afternoon, Eagle and I went to a park for Wellness Class, just we two. Nature was wearing her autumn splendor. We enjoyed the fall day. We hiked in the woods and were greeted by the smiling faces of Brown Eyed Susans. These flowers were serious about blooming. Even the leaves were acting like flowers. […]

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Which Team Has the Best Mascot?

Why the Madison soccer (football) team of course! For a joke snowdrift deep in irony, our professional soccer team Forward Madison has a pink flamingo as its mascot. “The world’s second favorite team” has inspired loyalty since their start date in May 2018 and a rosy throng of yard decorations has sprung up all over […]

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