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Recycled Metal Sculptures 4 Evermor

Our class trip last weekend stopped at a tribute to a Wisconsin sculptor on the road to Baraboo and Spirit Lake. Tom Every, also known as Dr. Evermor, lived 1938 – 2020. His steampunk art remains, although his work predates the term (steampunk was coined 1987). Tom was a salvage and demolition expert dismantling 300 […]

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Spirit Lake: “Leisurely Hike” in a State Park

Beautiful it was. That’s not all, it was challenging, slippery, and a big cardio workout. Did we see stunning views? I’d say so. Eagle and I went camping overnight at Spirit Lake* with their middle school class. Fourteen 12–14 year olds, four parents and two teachers. The weather was beautiful, the students were well-behaved and […]

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Playing Hooky until Saturday

Going offline for a couple of days. I’ll tell you more next week. I’ll leave you with this photo of a lawn angel (like a snow angel) to contemplate. No-mow-May grass is perfect for this pastime. See you, I’ll be back for the weekend fun. When we dream our eyes on the sky we leave […]

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5 Dancing Butterflies

We saw our first monarch butterfly of the year yesterday. Guess who spotted it? Yes, our eagle-eye teen. The butterfly was looping around our garden, landing on milkweed; laying eggs we hope. And now for previous years’ floral rest stop visitors… “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” as a famous man said. ¡Olé! […]

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2 Wheels Spoke to Me

Today Eagle and I biked from our house to our friend’s house near the Arboretum. I thought the ride was an easy peasy 3 miles. It was 5 miles each way (8 km); we got a good second ride of the season in! Flying wheels cruising down the bike highway curving round the lake hugging […]

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