Saw a Longreads post this morning I wanted to share with you. Candace Rose Rardon captures the essence of Uruguay in The Country Where Fútbol Comes First — Longreads.  Although Uruguay did not go onto the finals of the World Cup this year, her words and drawings channel their passion.  ¡Gol!

Uruguay, a small nation with a deep-seated passion for soccer, is the inspiration for any underdog vying to win a World Cup.

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Four Days in Uruguay

The year we lived in Chile, every three months we traveled to nearby countries to renew our visas. We visited Argentina, once in a small town up in the mountains and another in the capital of Buenos Aires. My husband and I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I believe we ate gnoccis, potato […]

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World Cup

In which field is it good to be a woman?

A soccer field (aka a football pitch). The Men’s World Cup is a lesson in humility for the United States. The US team is not competing in Russia this year. They lost their qualifying match to Trinidad and Tobago last October. Worse, Trinidad and Tobago didn’t make it to the World Cup either. Quite embarrassing […]

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