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Windy September Poetry Challenge

Thanks to the twelve poets who returned the call of the wind muse this month. Writers from seven countries participated, each with their own point of breeze. The challenge was to write a free verse anaphora poem about wind. I’ve translated each poem into Spanish. All rights to the poems are the sole property of […]

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September 2022 Poetry Challenge

Welcome poets and poetry readers, to the Fake Flamenco Poetry Challenge for September. This month we will write a free verse elemental poem using the theme of wind. Choose to write about a breeze, a head wind, tornado… You are not required to use the word wind. For the challenge, write up to eight lines […]

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August Poetry Challenge Writers

Thank you poets from seven countries for your imaginative responses to the challenge theme of doors, portals, and new beginnings. The haibun poems follow, in the order in which they were received. Haibuns can be philosophical poems. The second poet used the traditional zen idea of Momonkan, the riddle of the gateless gate. The poems […]

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