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A Month Ahead of Schedule!

Time to celebrate, because the 100th follower joined Fake Flamenco this weekend! ¡Olé! That’s 88 regular subscribers plus 12 email followers : ) ¡Fiesta! Thank you very much for reading, commenting and returning to see what new dance steps I’ve invented. Each one of you has made this a wonderful experience by your participation. ¡Muchas […]

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Living Abroad, Spanish Culture and Language

Define Yourself

Evan and I were lucky to find good friends in Chile. When we moved to Santiago in the fall of 2001, we both took language classes. Evan braved immersion, and I tested whether I really knew the difference between “I spoke” (preterite) and “I was speaking”(imperfect) in Spanish. Could I talk about what might happen […]

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Spanish Culture and Language, writing

Women Writers Winning

Who are the best writers in the world? In other words, how on earth do they decide the author to give the Nobel Prize for Literature? Well, writing in a European language gives a decided boost to your text getting considered. Historically, French is number one, English is number 3, and Spanish is number 4 […]

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