Day Without Latinxs, Madison

Rebecca Cuningham

8 thoughts on “Day Without Latinxs, Madison

  1. I missed this event so I appreciate your report, Rebecca. I didn’t know about texting “Driver” to get in the loop for info, but here you are with that news, so now I’m in! Sounds like it was a very positive and hopeful demonstration. I hope it helps move us toward the goal.

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  2. Very engaging post, Rebecca! I wanted to let you know that I have finally managed to respond to the Mystery Blogger Award nomination that you kindly gave me a few weeks ago. I just wrote about it as part of my May 2 2019 post. Thank you again so much for thinking of my blog, and have a great weekend and Cinco de Mayo!

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  3. Go Rebecca! What is their thinking? Do they want thousands of unlicensed drivers on WI road and highways? Does someone think they don’t need all the energetic hardworking Latinxs workers?

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    1. Thanks Mom, she who taught me to protest for social change! That’s the odd part, for 12 years people without their immigration papers in order haven’t had licenses in order to get to work, to school or to religious services here in Wi. R


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