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Thank You, Dear Readers!

Un beso, a kiss; happy salutations Fake Flamenco readers! Our blog has 200 followers as of today. I did a jump for joy this morning when I saw the good news. What a great summer connecting with you in the UK, Australia, España, Chile, India, the USA and around the world. I’m enjoying getting to […]

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What’s Blooming Now?

As Wisconsin summer wanes; flowers change. Here are spots of color from our garden. Pinks; Butterfly-Created Phlox Variety; Sycamore Tussock Caterpillar Flowers, bugs, and butterflies abound. Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Phlox, two views; Campanulas  Unidentified moth on peony leaf; busy bees; bee in Rose of Sharon bloom What is flowering where you live? Gracias for […]

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Liebster Award, Spanish Culture and Language

And the Liebster Award Goes To…

I am honored to announce Fake Flamenco’s second blogging commendation, the Liebster Award. Thank you to Beth at Pilgrimage Studio for her nomination. Gracias to you, readers, for your supportive feedback these seventeen months! The Liebster Award helps good blogs get deserved attention so more followers discover them. Lieb is the German word for kind, […]

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Humor, Spanish Culture and Language

Where in the World is Spock?

Juan José Ibarretxe, former president of the Basque Country in Northern Spain is famous for his eyebrows. They are dark-colored and diagonal, just like Spock from the original Star Trek. Ibarretxe was president (called the Lehendakari ) of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) between 1999-2009. Ibarretxe is most well known for his pro-independence stance on the […]

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