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Could it Be the Golden Snitch?

Metallic dragonfly coppery winged fairytale creature I hear you sing; come play mosquitoes dash to me gnats tasty small beetles such joy you bring. –Rebecca Cuningham Could this sight inspire fairy stories? Is this the mother of the Golden Snitch? Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your comments and poetry challenge submissions. ¡Olé! –Rebecca […]

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Pot of Gold at the End

A friend who provides reliable weather updates said it would rain last Sunday afternoon. The clouds began to build at four pm, right when I set off on an errand. As I arrived in the store parking lot, I looked to the northwest. An enormous bank of steel gray clouds loomed on the horizon. Time […]

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The Wonders of Malpelo Island

Off the Pacific coast of Colombia lies a gem of biodiversity so valuable it was named a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2006. The island is so remote, 500 km (311 miles) west of the Colombian port of Buenaventura, travel there takes 36 hours by boat. This location preserves unique species, not only birds […]

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