The Tuna Singers of Salamanca

Visions of large fish leaning into a microphone may come to mind. The word Tuna is misleading. In Spain, these are musicians dressed in medieval garb who play guitar, mandolin, or tambourine, and harmonize. The Tuna tradition started 700 years ago at the newly created Spanish universities. Starving students would play music in order to … Continue reading The Tuna Singers of Salamanca

Love Note to Chilean Food

The day we landed in Santiago, Chile, Evan and I went out to lunch. I was confident I’d order food proficiently, after studying Spanish for years. The café's chalkboard menu  listed sanguiches, ensaladas, and jugos naturales. I translated these three easily for Evan, sandwiches, salads and fresh juices. Then came two words that stumped me. … Continue reading Love Note to Chilean Food

Why do girls feel powerless?

What makes Disney’s princess marketing so successful? What dream does it fulfill? Is it the dresses? Castles? A need to feel powerful, to have a voice? I had dreams of marrying a prince when I was a girl. That was before Disney went into high gear with biannual princess movies complete with dresses and doll … Continue reading Why do girls feel powerless?

Conquistada por la comida

Traducción imperfecta por la autora de "Conquered by Food". Cuando fui a España, pensé que la comida sería parecida a la comida mexicana, es decir muy picante. Pero, lo más punzante de la cocina de la Fundación Ortega y Gasset era la pimienta negra. Me pareció agradable porque los chiles me pican mucho la boca, … Continue reading Conquistada por la comida