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Happy Argentine Tango Day!

What dance is a creative fusion of cultures, spontaneous as jazz, that embodies the passion of a young nation? Argentine tango blends African rhythms, Italian instruments, Jewish klezmer, German bandoneon, and Spanish popular music. In Argentina, December 11th is National Tango Day. Two key figures in tango music, Carlos Gardel (1890) and Julio De Caro […]

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Art on the Street, Madison Style

Madison majors in a funky, artsy atmosphere. We don’t have our hearts on our sleeves, our personalities are revealed in the paint of our exterior walls. I’ve admired the photographs of street art on; Travel with Intent, Equinoxio and My Quest Blog. Look below, a Madison splash of color and surprising sculptures await you.   […]

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He Dreamed of 4 Jingle Dresses

100 years ago, an Ojibwe elder dreamed of four women wearing a beautiful new style of dress. They taught him the special songs they danced to and how to make the garments. He woke up and told his wife everything he had heard and seen. Together, they made four dresses, in yellow, green, blue and […]

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Franklin: Eagle or Turkey Fan?

A favorite myth from my childhood is that Benjamin Franklin wished the turkey were part of our national emblem, rather than the eagle. Anatole Kovarsky’s November 24, 1962 New Yorker cover which depicted the turkey in the national seal gave the story new legs. What really happened is good old Ben was a joker. He […]

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