The South of America

The South of America

In elementary school geography
we memorize and sketch
trade good maps of nations

Guatemala is bananas
Chile is copper
Venezuela, petroleum

We see the drawings
and the landscapes
not the population.

Preparing our children
to be robber barons
with the math of imperialism

cheap fruit + disposable growers
= satisfied supermarket shoppers

Product > people
All these personas
crossing our borders

What’s it to do with me?
I’m just sitting here
peeling a yellow fruit.

© Rebecca Cuningham  1/22/20


I have written mostly prose the past year while working on my memoir about traveling and studying in Spain. I’ve been itching to write more poetry again. This piece is inspired by what I read recently about banana growing. See this previous post.

Wishing you a delicious fair trade, organic banana on your cereal tomorrow. ; )

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Mmm, banana.  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham



Rebecca Cuningham

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