A Life Less Cluttered

Living a Life Less Cluttered

I cannot see my life
for all the bits and bobs
strewn cross every surface.

The muddle and jumble plague
my fraying mind manifesting
that clutter is a thought unfin.

What if in each room
I make a new start amid
tornadoes of sorting?

Exhuming my archeologies
leveling walls of documents
purging old dusty chapters.

What would I become without
archived distractions splicing
thoughts in four directions?

Could I charge forth unbound
exiting crumpled paper cocoon
with great monarch wings?


The upward stretch begun
metamorphosis near complete
our flight time prelude plays.

Cleared for takeoff, squawking
my memoir flaps her feathers
rising singing, airborne at dawn.

–Rebecca Cuningham

What is your source of clutter? What’s your paper tiger?(The poem tells mine.)

I enjoy writing poetry and delight in readers’ interest in verse! Thank you for your kind responses and encouragement for The South of America posted in January. Waiting in the wings here in Madison is my first full length book of prose, Supergringa in Spain: A Coming of Age Memoir. Supergringa is a flirty, comical look at coming-of-age traveling abroad. Click on the full title for the table of contents. Memoir complete, I’m looking for a literary agent. <wave>

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Recycling Rebecca   Photo by Eagle
Rebecca Cuningham

6 thoughts on “A Life Less Cluttered

  1. For me it’s books and computer parts. I love IT but sometimes I do accumulate too many pieces of equipment such as hard drives that can still be used, routers, etc. I try to give them to people I know need help but in some cases, I just e-recycle them. It is a constant battle to declutter both physically and even digitally now.

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    1. The equipment clutter sounds inevitable due to your occupation! Though, I must admit to having an old hard drive (or two) squirreled away. Books can feel like old friends that I want to stick around and chat with longer. Thanks for your comments! Rebecca

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