Nature’s Dazzling Dozen of the Week

A new week debuts the next brightly clothed actors at our neighborhood venues. On my walk yesterday, a block away from home I came upon Zuzu’s Petals…

Crabapple blossoms in the grass Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

On a Madison street parallel to us, lilacs bloom.

Purple lilac Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Back home, it may not be a flower, but it is a welcome addition to the garden.

Green fern Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Across the street the Allium are about to outstretch their arms.

Allium buds Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Heading one block west, a wonderful scent filled the air, crabapple blossoms.

Crabapple blossoms one block west of us. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Back in our yard, a tulip looks for a pollinator.

Red tulip Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Thank you, Canadian Anemone you’re a wonderful shade plant.

Canadian anemone Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Our dear volunteer crabapple, which was a two foot long stick with no leaves when we arrived, is now over twenty feet tall.

Pinkish white crabapple blossoms Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Fairy skirts from our garden.

Columbine flower Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Flowers hiding under leaves in the front yard.

Salomon’s Seal Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Scandalous red scalloped tulip, our one and only!

Red scalloped tulip Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

May blooms for June strawberries.

Strawberry plant blooms Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

It’s almost summer. Which are your favorite summer plants?

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco and commenting! ¡Olé! –Rebecca






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