1st Mexican Olympic Men’s Free Skate

Although the practice ice available to him is a shopping mall skating rink, 22 year old Donovan Carrillo has realized his dream to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Carrillo is the first Mexican man to qualify as an Olympic skater for thirty years. His passion to reach new heights began when he saw the games from Vancouver in 2010. Two years later at 13, he left home in Guadalajara to train with his coach in Léon. Carrillo went on to win the Mexican national champion title four times. His fabulous Olympic routine on Tuesday 9 February won him a place in the Men’s Free Skate, a first for Mexico. He will compete in the Men’s Singles Free Skate on Thursday, 11 February in the morning Beijing time (7:30 pm CST).

Carrillo is one of 33 athletes representing 10 Latin American countries at the Winter Olympics this year. Participating countries include: Mexico, Haiti (French speaking), Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. There are numerous skiers, both downhill and cross country and a few bobsledders. It will be exciting to see if any athletes rank in the top ten for their Olympic sport in the next ten days. Fingers crossed. If you have a chance to watch the games, keep an eye out for them. ¡Gracias!

Latin American Athletes at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Graphic: Olympic Committee

Donovan Carillo is a great example of the importance of believing in your dreams. He says people would laugh, telling him it was impossible for a Mexican skater to qualify for the Olympics. Guess they were wrong…

Have you watched the 2022 Winter Olympics? Which is your favorite winter sport?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

17 thoughts on “1st Mexican Olympic Men’s Free Skate

    1. Well, as a glass half full kind of person, I’d wouldn’t necessarily say no hope. 😉 Carrillo has won by making it to the Olympics and especially by earning a place in the free skate. I think we and the Brits tend to place too much value on winning the gold. 🙂

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  1. Good to see that countries with warmer climates are able to send athletes! I thought the Jamaican bobsled team was in as well, but I could be wrong.

    It’s hard to choose, since there are so many exciting events. Snowcross is pretty intense as is the short track speed skating, but hockey (both women and men) is a must see if you have more time.

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  2. I’ve actually been out of the loop with the Winter Olympics this time around, but it’s great to see Latin Am represent! Hope Donovan Carillo wins (won) something for the team!

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