Afro-Mexicans in Cozumel

After my recent research into Mexican history, I was looking forward to visiting Southern México. I thought I might hear La Bamba performed and I might meet Afro-Mexicans in Cozumel. As it turned out, I saw folkloric dancers perform the son jorocho song as I hoped, see earlier post here. Two dancers were of Afro-Mexican ancestry. We met folks working at the hotel and in the city of San Miguel who were of African descent. Afro-Mexicans also numbered among the hotel guests.

Folkloric dancers, Hotel Fiesta Americana  Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham


Jarabe tapatío dance, Cozumel Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Jarabe tapatío dancers, Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Afro-Mexican folkloric dancers in Cozumel, Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Afro-Mexican staff of Hotel Fiesta Americana   Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Fiesta Americana Hotel Lifeguard, Photo credit: Rebecca Cuningham
Afro-Mexican coachman waiting for the cruise ship tourists  Photo Credit: Rebecca Cuningham


I observed that Afro-Mexicans are an integral part of Southern Mexican society. From what I saw in one week in Cozumel, I think Afro-Mexico is beautiful.

Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

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