Fa La Merry Grinchmas to You!

We like to tour the city in December and find the most busily decorated house. We head to the sparkly side of town to observe the lights, snow people, garlands, wreaths, and… the unexpected. See if you can find the snow person in the tree, Rudolph on a bicycle, and the Grinch (hard to miss him!)

Monroe Street Neighborhood

Decorated Victorian House Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Red Bungalow House with Penguin Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Gray Bungalow Lightly Decorated Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Gray Two Story Bungalow with Wreath Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Frame Shop Decor Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Snow Person in a Tree? Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Middleton, West Madison

Snow Person and Lights Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rudolph Rides a Bike Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Decorated White Bungalow Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Blue Bungalow with Reindeer Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Brown House Snowpeople Porch Posts Photo: Evan Wedell

Most decorated goes to:

White House All Decked Out Photo: Evan Wedell

North Madison

We may have a winner, for most surprising and funny…

Naughty or Nice, the Grinch Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Which is your favorite?

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a happy and safe holiday. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday.

6WS #SixWordSaturday

Rebecca Cuningham

35 thoughts on “Fa La Merry Grinchmas to You!

  1. I grew up in a house resembling the first picture. I don’t know why they don’t build houses like that anymore.
    The decorations are just right. Just enough! Simple and welcoming to look at. One sees so much crazy gaudy stuff. People compete to see who can put out the most decorations.

    The Grinch is rather naughty. Maybe he needs a nice Grinchess beside him.

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    1. That is a lovely Victorian, lucky you! We were looking for Star Wars crèches and the like, but the decorations are a bit subdued this year. I agree, a Grinchess would be twice as nice! Hood sequel to the book as well 😉


      1. I am about old enough to have been born in my Victorian house.
        I moved away from the small town years ago. Last time I was there was in 1993 I think.
        Some time ago I Googled the town and found the house. I should have never done that. It looked all run down and had been repainted an ugly brown. The nice little white picket fence my father made …. gone. Beautiful trees gone.
        In fact the whole little town looked like a tornado had hit it…. Which it had several times.

        Quit babbling now. 😉 Thanks for allowing me.

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  2. Rebecca, I see that the snow has arrived just in time for your holiday. Snow this time of year can be a pain if travel is required, but if I have no obligations and can just enjoy the snow at home, it’s wonderful. Our weatherman has raised the possibility for snow for Christmas in our area, but it’s still iffy. We’ll see. BTW, love the snow/treeman. That’s a new one for me. Have a safe, healthy, and fun holiday. ~James

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    1. Yes, we were fortunate to receive at least 8 inches of snow last weekend. Our 11 year old was a big help shoveling, hurrah! Hope you get your snow next week. Yes, the little treeman is quite inspired! Enjoy your celebrations, Rebecca

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  3. Rebecca, your post makes me feel nostalgic for the small town where I lived many years ago. I was a member of an arts group, and my home was part of an annual Christmas art tour. It looked similar to the top Victorian house, but with a glassed-in porch. I loved decorating it for Christmas and this event. My fave in your post is “Brown House Snowpeople Porch Posts”. Thanks for the smiles and memories. 🙂

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