Let Me Stop for a Snack

Wonderful walk on a warm day with friends. We strolled by flowery gardens with a view of Lake Monona. The gusty wind kept us cool. Cruising down a sidewalk, we saw this unique tree ornament.

Voy a sentarme para una merienda

Paseo maravilloso con amigos un día cálido. Caminamos viendo jardines en pleno flor con un vista del Lago Monona. El viento racheado nos dio frescura. Andando por la acera, vimos este ornamento de árbol único.

Little Picnic Bench/Mesita de picnic Photo: R. Cuningham

Who picnics there?

¿Quién hace picnic en esta mesita?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

27 thoughts on “Let Me Stop for a Snack

  1. I’m now wondering if we really saw a corpse flower. It seems they are significantly bigger, and Exceedingly Fussy about temperature, humidity, etc.


  2. That is cute. The unexpected is a neat little thing sometimes.
    Poor tree is like, “What the heck, do I look like the park?”
    I nailed a bird feeder to a beautiful tree once. After I removed it, there was an awful “wound” of the bark that continued to widen and split longer for the next year or so. I loved that tree so much that I suffered guilt every time I saw the obvious “scar tissue”. I often wonder if I am the only one like this.

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    1. I have to say, Dawn Renee, I was thinking similarly about this tree. The picnic bench was cute, but how did they attach it to the tree? Would the tree get damaged? I think it’s great that you care for living things beyond humans!


      1. Really Rebecca, I assumed I was being the odd ball in life again?! : )
        Thank you. I like the non-humans better much of the time. Present blogger company excluded, of course. Heehee


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