November 2022 Poetry Challenge Haiku

Thank you, writers for joining the poetry challenge this month! We received a bumper crop of haiku, all of them wonderfully written. Poets from the United States, Scotland, England, Pakistan, India, Canada, and Nigeria participated this month. Welcome all. As always, the poems are in the order I received them and all poems are the property of the writers. Make sure to click on the links to the author pages, there are many beautiful photos that accompany the verse.

Reto poético de haíku de noviembre 2022

¡Gracias escritores y escritoras por juntarse al Reto poético este mes! Recebimos una cantidad maravillosa de haiku, todos muy bien escritos. Poetas de los Estados Unidos, Escocia, Inglaterra, Pakistan, India, Canadá y Nigeria participaron este mes. Bienvenidas y bienvenidos. Como siempre, los poemas están en el orden recebido y todos los poemas son la propiedad de sus escritores y escritoras. Asegúrate de hacer un clic en los enlaces a las páginas de autores y autoras, como hay fotos bonitas que acompañan los versos.

Oak Leaf Triad Photo: R. Cuningham


The Snowy Egret
basking in the noonday sun
finds us odd looking.
Lou Faber

Garceta blanca
gozando del sol, raros
la parecemos.
–Lou Faber (traducción por Rebecca)



The nature of autumn

Each leaf, a letter.
Seasons tell stories. Life, death…
To be continued.
–Britta Benson

La naturaleza del otoño

Cada hoja, es letra.
Contando historias, a…
–Britta Benson (traducción por Rebecca)



Clinging creepy feet
Kaleidoscopes fly to sky

–Mary Gorman

Pies repulsivos
Caleidoscopios a

–Mary Gorman (traducción por Rebecca)


Geese on the Wing Photo: R. Cuningham


November haiku

Breath, heart suspended
Ballot filled, filed, delivered
Democracy waits

Susan Schaefer

Haíku de noviembre

Suspende aliento
Voto entregado, espera
La democracia

– Susan Schaefer (traducción por Rebecca)



Geese in lines and V’s,
Honking to bid us farewell.
See you in the spring!

Sarah Gibbard Cook

Gansos en una V
Voznando su despido
Primavera entran

– Sarah Gibbard Cook (traducción por Rebecca)


England (from Australia)
That blue Australian sky…

Big white clouds across
Blue skies roll their white trails and
Let images fly
– Aggie Soon

Cielos azules de Australia

Nubes blancas por
cielos azules giran
Vuelan figuras

– Aggie Soon (traducción por Rebecca)


Cottonwood Tree Knot Photo: R. Cuningham

Yet more ancient trees

Venerable trees –
trunk and bark wrangled by time
tell ancient stories.


Árboles nobles –
tiempo talla el tronco con
cuentos antiguos.

–Margaret (traducción por Rebecca)



Waves, wild’n beautiful
Sea mirroring sky’s glory
Heart sings with passion

Olas bonitas
Mar espejo del cielo
Corazón canta
–Sadje (traducción por Rebecca)



freckle faced old leaves
congregate to shoot the breeze
~ calling it wisdom

Hojas con pecas
juntadas por el viento
~se creen sabías

–Sangeetha (traducción por Rebecca)


Heavy Metal Stars Photo: NASA Goddard


Nights pinpoints sparkle
home galaxy glows over
arcs and waves hello

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Brillan las noches
galaxia nuestra es que
nos da saludos
–Kim (traducción por Rebecca)


World Writer

frisky white fluffed tail
delicate legs hop in fright
hunting deer season
– The Bag Lady

cola peluda
piernas ágiles saltan
ciervos cazados
– The Bag Lady (traducción por Rebecca)



A sky of geese falls
In cacophonous ripples
Still waters shattered

Cielo de gansos
Cae en cacofonía
Agua sin calma
–Greg (traducción por Rebecca)


Sunset Over the Field Photo: Eagle


Sunrise and sunset
Such a wondrous coincidence
Beginning to end

De sol a sol que
casualidad el
principio y fin
–Aishwarya (traducción por Rebecca)



Wave ripples below
Restless clarity of sea
Grains move one by one.


Olas ondean
mar agitado y claro
granos, uno por…
–Sandy (traducción por Rebecca)



Bare limbs twist and reach
Like wanting hands to the sky
Hungry for winter

Ramas desnudas
Manos levantadas con
Hambre de invierno
–Katie (traducción por Rebecca)


Cabin Steps Photo: R. Cuningham


The Snake
Always gets his prey,
Stealth and silence his allies,
Lurking predator.

La serpiente
Siempre exitosa,
Silencio y sigilo del
Predadora acech
–Qonyike (traducción por Rebecca)



Hurricane season
Extending to November.
Be warned, says Nicole.
–Suzanne’s Mom

El dios huracán
Nos aterroriza con
Nicole, en noviembre.
–Suzanne’s Mom (traducción por Rebecca)



earth resurfaces
autumn fades around the bend
light shedding leaves

suelo rehecho
otoño desteñido
luz se deshoja

–Suzette (traducción por Rebecca)


A hurricane of well-crafted haiku. Thanks for reading the poets’ work, please leave encouraging words below.

Un huracán de haíku bien elaborado. Gracias por leer la obra de las y los poetas, favor de dejar palabras de apoyo en los comentarios.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Orange Crabapples Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

32 thoughts on “November 2022 Poetry Challenge Haiku

  1. I’ve loved reading every one of these, and have tried to leave commets on everyone’s blog. But quite a few defeated me. Despite the links, I couldn’t find them. Durr. But what a great collection this is, and as ever, having them translated brings such a new dimension to them. Thank you so much, Rebecca.

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  2. Thanks Rebecca. I’m not sure I would want thousands of supporters. It’s great to develop relationships with quite a few bloggers ( you included!) and vast numbers would make that difficult. I love the mix of posts you write, from the personal to the political and historical, particularly about parts of the world about which I know not enough, and then your poetry challenge too. You work hard to keep us engaged and interested!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great writing by all poets. Thank you for each one and for their unique perspective.

    Thank you Rebecca for the intriguing topic and the challenge of shaping a few syllables to tell a story/narrative. As always you add extra seasoning to each poem with your adept translation.👍

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