Whatsoever is Lovely: Pitcher Plants & Orchids

Yes, you guessed correctly. Monday afternoon my friend and I walked again at the Bolz Conservatory at Olbrich Gardens. The warm temperatures, the flowers, the birdies, and particularly the sun coming through the glass enclosure made us happy.

Pink Orchids. Photo: R. Cuningham

Guinea Hen Photo: R. Cuningham

I think we’re going to make it through January! What gets you through January?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Theme Whatsoever is Lovely by Xingfu Mama.

Rebecca Cuningham

45 thoughts on “Whatsoever is Lovely: Pitcher Plants & Orchids

  1. What a lovely way to spend the day. I don’t mind January too much – the days are getting longer. Somehow, February is more taxing for me. A few family birthdays in both months help things along.

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  2. Flowers certainly help get one through January! Similarly, there are a few lovely roses on the walk my partner and I take in the neighborhood…otherwise, future travel plans and, very recently, audiobooks, are getting me through the rest of this January– it’s almost done!

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