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Under Maidens Bower for a Kiss

“…And the days dwindle down to a precious fewSeptember, November,And these few precious days, I’ll spend with youThese precious days, I’ll spend with you.” –”Knickerbocker Holiday” (1938) Music: Kurt Weill / Lyrics: Maxwell Anderson In the days of front porch visits to court your love interest, Maiden’s Bower was grown on the Western side to block out the strong afternoon sun. […]

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7 Reasons You’ll Love Desserto Cactus Fabric

What if you could make an animal-friendly leather-like fabric that was breathable and environmentally sustainable? Mexican inventors Adrián López Velarde (auto industry) and Marte Cázarez (fashion industry) have discovered a way to make this dream come true. Move over pleather, there’s a new textile in town. They’ve invented a breathable, natural vegan material made from […]

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