The Bilingual Dream

I'm working hard to make every morning and every evening count in terms of our child's Spanish language exposure. Breakfast en español is working! Our child is speaking Spanish for the majority of sentences while eating coconut yogurt to start the day. I listen without making corrections, as our child has requested. I make encouraging … Continue reading The Bilingual Dream

Papa Bear Says Sí

It’s just dinner, Tuesdays, from now on. The bilingual experiment is lagging a bit, lost its novelty I suppose. Yet, I’ve noticed when our child hears Spanish from Dad, the reaction is amazement and delight. My husband’s stealth Spanish competency is rarely revealed. Ho hum, mom’s daily Spanish is mundane and hardly attracts attention. But … Continue reading Papa Bear Says Sí

3 Tips: How to Nudge a Child into Taking Ownership of a New Habit

Sunday morning we had a watershed event in our kitchen. At breakfast, I spoke to our child in Spanish, as I do each day and received answers in English. I work to counter feeling disheartened when my daily hints to reply in kind rarely work for more than a sentence. Everything was the same until, … Continue reading 3 Tips: How to Nudge a Child into Taking Ownership of a New Habit

4 Fake Flamenco Favorites

Four personal favorites from 2018; posts about coming of age across the pond, traveling in Guatemala, passing the bilingual torch to the next generation and celebrating Mexican culture. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I liked writing them.   Being Braver Travel leads to self-knowledge. Self-knowledge allows us to envision and live our … Continue reading 4 Fake Flamenco Favorites

Top 5 Posts of 2018

Thank you Fake Flamenco readers for a great 2018! Starting from zero in March of this year, I've created a website, published e-says weekly (60 total!), visited blogs and met wonderful people like you. I reveled in writing, commenting, and conversing with readers. Each month of nine blogging was an education for me in how … Continue reading Top 5 Posts of 2018

200,000 People Still Speak Medieval Spanish?

Yes, but why? The short answer is tenacity and tradition. The longer answer begins with a story:  Imagine a decree went out today, that you must either change your religion; or choose between execution and exile. On 31 March 1492, the Jewish population of Spain was given until 31 July to make that decision in … Continue reading 200,000 People Still Speak Medieval Spanish?