Tree Square or Dance Craze?

Oak Tree was a hit song from the 1980’s complete with an arms above the head dance move. The band was called The Time. For Prince’s movie Purple Rain, he put together the band to act as his nemesis in the story. Morris Day was the lead singer. Or, I should say is the lead singer, since they have a national 2021-2022 tour!

Oak Tree is an obvious reference to wood. The video pokes fun at police line ups, dance crazes, and is silly and rather sexist. The simple lyrics follow the oak tree photo. For the arm motion put your arms up and move them up and down like you want to set a volleyball or catch a basketball pass. That’s right! Oak Tree!

Oak Tree Square Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Oak Tree

4rom the worst 2 the best
When it comes 2 cutting a rug
I’ll put u 2 the test.
Ain’t nobody better
Is what they’re telling me
Said Morris.
What’s that dance ur doing?
Well i’m doing the oak tree haha Oak tree.
i’ll put u 2 the test
Oak tree when it comes 2 dancing
I’m the best
Oak tree ready 2 debut
Oak tree spread ur branches
U know what 2 do
I can do the oak tree
Let me shake my leaves
(hey u guys look its Morris Day and his new dance)
(oh yeah what’s he call it)
(the oak tree)
Watch the dance…
Shake ur leaves
(oak tree oak tree)
(oak tree oak tree) …
[Complete lyrics at]

The lyrics have the number abbreviations that Prince used at that time. I suspect he wrote the music and words as a joke song.

And yes, I have danced the Oak Tree in public. Ha ha ha. You’d expect no less from Fake Flamenco. (wink)

If you like trees as much as I do, check out Becky’s page for more photos. ¡Olé! –Rebecca


Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends
Rebecca Cuningham

23 thoughts on “Tree Square or Dance Craze?

    1. I don’t see any proof he wrote it online, but since he invented The Time and the lyrics bear a lot of similarities to the way Prince would swap in numbers for words, I’m betting it was Prince.


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