9 Angles on the Historic State Theater

The State Theater in Downtown Minneapolis turned one hundred this year! That’s antique for the Midwestern United States. The space began its life as a movie theater and locale for vaudeville performances. More recently, shows include Broadway plays and live music. When I was a teen, we enjoyed seeing my sister’s close friend perform as a student ballerina in the Nutcracker Ballet. In 1991, the theater was restored with attention to detail as evidenced in the photos that follow. The past decade we’ve had the fun of watching my niece in her Nutcracker roles as toy soldier, wind up doll and student ballerina in the snow and flower dances.

State Theater Stage Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We were allowed to take photos before and after the performance, but for the safety of the dancers flash photography was prohibited during the ballet.

Gold leaf column base Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The decor is Italian Renaissance style.

Plaster Garden Wall Decoration Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Corinthian Column Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Triton’s Sea Serpents Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Even the walk to the privy is ornate.

Octagonal Star Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Light Fixture Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I am very thankful that my parents invite us to the ballet as a holiday treat. Watching my niece grow as a dancer each year has been priceless.

Stained Glass Exit Sign Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Hope you have enjoyed your visit to the State Theater!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

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