Plant Cage to Keep Creatures Out?

Yesterday morning Eagle went to weed the vegetable garden. What they found was quite a surprise. The weeds were the usual suspects. What was moving inside the plant cages was new. We use the cloches to keep rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks away from our seedlings. This visitor was not a mammal, and was on the inside of the cage!

Bird Jailbust Photo: Eagle

It was a small bird! How the heck did it get in the cage?

Breaking in Easy Bird Photo: Eagle

Eagle called for me to see, ran for a camera and took these shots. After taking two dozen photos, Eagle lifted the metal cage and the bird flew away. Happy ending!

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¡Olé! –Rebecca

¿Jaula para evitar criaturas visitantes?

Ayer Eagle fue al huerto para sacar malas hierbas. Lo que encontró era un sorpresa grande. Las malas hierbas eran los normales. Lo que se movía dentro de la jaula de plantas era nuevo. Usamos estos cubiertos de metal para mantener a los conejos, ardillas y ardillas listadas aparte de las plantas tiernas. Este visitante no era mamalia y ¡estuvo al interior de la jaula!

Era un pajarito. ¿Como es que entró en la jaula?

Eagle me llamó a mí para verlo, corrió para recoger una cámera y tomaba fotos. Después de hacer unas doce fotos, Eagle levantó la jaula y el pajarito voló. Desenlace feliz.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

28 thoughts on “Plant Cage to Keep Creatures Out?

    1. Hi, Wynne. The only possible point of entry was the 1/2 inch (cm) where the lower ring of the cloche was above the dirt in one spot. I imagine curiosity led the birdie in then it didn’t find the spot to let itself out.

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  1. My husband has a million systems for keeping birds out of the berries, but they always find a way in. He calls them, collectively, Moriarty, after the arch fiend that was the nemesis (?) of Sherlock Holmes.

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  2. Must have been so scary for the bird…and a mystery as to how it got inside! Thankfully, you two rescued it from prolonged captivity, so that’s a happy ending!

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