Oh My Goodness, Is that Gumby?

I laughed in delight when I saw a green statue in front of a house near our teen’s summer camp. My aunt gave me Gumby and a companion Pokey the horse doll when I was in elementary school. They had all sorts of adventures in my imagination, together galloping into the sunset.

Gumby Statue Photo: R. Cuningham

Before they were dolls, Gumby & Pokey were a claymation TV show from 1956-1969. I like that the animator choose green because it was a race neutral color. Have you seen the show? What was your favorite growing up?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

55 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness, Is that Gumby?

  1. And it looks like he has been working with the wheelbarrow. One of my fav parts of growing up was watching Captain Kangaroo. Not sure if anyone else remembers him.

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      1. I first saw a TV – just like yours, tiny – in 1952, when the whole village crammed into the farmer’s house – the only family in the village with a TV – to watch the Queen’s coronation. Shortly after that, I went with school for my first visit to the cinema: Coronation again.

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    1. Just like me, my aunt passed her Gumby and Pokey to me. : ) Was Mr. Dress-Up a doll or a show in Canada? We had one called Dapper Dan and Dressy Bessy, to practice buttons, zippers, and the like.


  2. Awesome lawn art! 💚 When I was a youngster I worked in a video store, near ASU. We had a large Gumby at the entrance that someone made off with. I was not happy but laughed at the thought of Gumby’s great escape. 😆

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  3. I’m not familiar with the Gumby & Pokey TV show. We didn’t get TV in Guyana until the 1980s. In those days, cinemas ran animated shows, mostly from Disney, during the interval between the two featured movies.

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  4. I don’t remember the show’s content much, but, yes I used to watch it religiously on tv growing up. My dad also dressed up as Gumby for our neighborhood party decades ago.
    Something about Gumby…so cute and reminiscent of being young.

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  5. Gumby was after my era. A granddaughter was just recently asking me what TV shows I watched growing up. Since I had one of the first TVs (a Dumont), she didn’t recognize the names. But what fun to think about these things! And to think how the neighborhood kids came over to watch Disneyland with us, sitting around on the floor.

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  6. I’m going to give away my age with my answer. Romper Room, Miss Frances, The Little Rascals, Captain Kangaroo, and locally in the Charlotte area there was Fred Kirby, the Singing Cowboy. I didn’t know what color any of the cartoon characters were since all TV was in black and white in the 1950s and early 60s. Great memories! Thanks for prompting a trip down Memory Lane, Rebecca.

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    1. Thanks, Janet. Fun to hear your memories and favorites. I’ll guess Gumby would have been dark gray on black and white TV. 🙂 I saw reruns of the shows you mentioned except the special singing cowboy show!


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