3 Small Iris Add Pizazz

Our Siberian Iris emerged from their slumber. That means our daffodils are soon to awake. Here is the latest garden report:

More crocus!

Open Purple Crocus Photo: R. Cuningham
Two Yellow Crocus Awaiting the Sun. Photo: R. Cuningham


A Scilla Baker’s Dozen. Photo: R. Cuningham

Siberian Iris

3 Siberian Iris Photo: R. Cuningham


3 Vinca. Photo: R. Cuningham

May Apple

May Apple Blooms Photo: R. Cuningham

Tulip Leaves

Tulip Leaves Grow Taller Photo: R. Cuningham

Which color do you guess the tulips will be?
¡Olé! –Rebecca

PS How’s your ode to an octopus? Or sea shanty for a starfish? See this month’s poetry challenge. 🐠 🐬 🦑 🙂 R

This post is part oCee’s Flower of the Day, Whatsoever is Lovely by XingfuMama and Denzil’s Nature photo challenge.

Rebecca Cuningham

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