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5 Fall Flowers Before It Freezes

I dashed around the garden this afternoon, camera in hand. Tonight our temperature will be 4 C (39F). We are heading into a freeze that will put the blooms to bed for the winter. I’ll share what I found: One of three phlox plants blooming One of a handful of aster plants which continue to […]

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3 More Score Cool Halloween Decor

Witches and ghosts and pumpkins, oh my! Skeletons and spiders and tombstones to die for! (it’s just a saying, despite the time of year) We’ve seen many more houses celebrating the season. Here are three that get good marks. The first house is simple, yet elegant. The second house has good color contrasts between the […]

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Hiking in Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park

The day after half turkey day. Buy nothing day in our household. Yesterday we cooked all afternoon and attended two zoom parties. Today was sunny and a balmy 6C (40F). Time for me to get outside, phone camera in hand… I headed to Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park, a few miles from our place. Try the […]

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Lake Wingra on a Sunday Afternoon

The days are cooler. We decided to go to Olbrich Gardens on last Saturday and for a paddle on Lake Wingra on Sunday. The gardens were cleverly arranged with one way paths to avoid congestion and allow for social distancing. In only an hour at Olbrich, we felt we’d been away for the whole day. […]

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