Your Post Merits An Olé!

The ¡Olé!

A standing ovation for an excellent post.
¡Olé¡ is the encouragement audiences give Flamenco dancers in Spain.
Blogging content that merits such fanfare has outstanding writing, art and photos. They are posts that uplift and educate us; poems and art that nurture the spirit.

How to participate:

  1. When you receive an ¡Olé! you may post the logo above and name of your article on your home page.
  2. Choose a terrific post someone wrote this week and give the blogger an ¡Olé! Please pass it forward, not back to the person who applauded you.
  3. Notify the blogger in the comments section of their post: “I applaud this excellent post with an ¡Olé!
  4. Write a short post describing what you liked about it with a link to their article. Use the logo above.
  5. Link to the Guidelines in this article from Fake Flamenco in your post to ensure I get to see all this great blogging.

Done! No questions to answer, easier than (pie) paella. ; )

Yesterday I read a post that made me hear castanets and palmadas clapping. Here is the link to Carol Anne’s poem “Morning Has Come” at her site Therapy Links. I admire how she is able to convey deep feelings and create the early morning scene for us with her words. Carol Anne receives the first Olé! Medallion. Applause to a dedicated blogger! Now, whose post will she choose?

“Morning Has Come” 2020

Last Friday of the month I will repost the best of the best ¡Olés!

Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco! Your likes and comments make me dance with joy. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

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