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Care 2 Go For a Spin?

Around 1866, bicycles had wooden spokes and no brakes! Our local bicycle heaven exhibits classic bikes from the rafters. Have you seen one of this vintage? ¡Olé! –Rebecca This is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. Click on the challenge name for some great photos! 

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Is it a Bike or Car?

Mid-week I drove past the magic catwoman helmet intersection on the way home from taking Eagle to school. It did not disappoint. I saw an odd jelly bean shape, painted red, on the bike path across from me. As I waited at the stoplight, it crossed the street and headed toward me. What luck! I […]

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What If Girls Rode Bikes?

What if more girls, particularly more Chilenas, rode bicycles? The question and the answer began in Santiago, Chile. Two activists asked themselves, “How can we change girls’ lives?” Their answer was simple and profound; with bicycles. María Paz Castillo and Fernanda Martínez worked together in 2018 to kick off a Santiago Cycling Event for Girls and […]

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